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St. Peters Parish Church, Clayhanger, Devon. Richard Stone’s eight children were baptized here between 1602 and 1647.

All Saints Parish Church in Chipstable, Somerset seen from the south. Many Stone family members are buried in the Churchyard.

Richard Stone was born about 1579, probably in Clayhanger in north Devon on the border of Somerset County. Although there were many Stones in Clayhanger and the neighboring Somerset parishes of Chipstable and Asbhrittle in the 16c and earlier,  Richard’s baptism and his first marriage record have not yet been found. His first wife may have been from  Chipstable or Ashbrittle, where parish records from the 17c are largely absent. Richard’s second wife was Eleanor Slocombe of Crowcombe, baptized in Milverton. His first family, born 1602 – 1612, were John, Joane, William, Richard, Emanuel and Agnes. All were baptized in Clayhanger. John married Richord Parkhouse but died in 1637 having no children. William and Richard appear to have died prior to 1637 when John wrote his will. Only Joane, Emanuel and Agnes had families of their own. The descendants of Emanuel Stone have been traced to the present day. Emanuel’s male line of descent that were born in England includes, but is not restricted to, Richard 1640 (of Chipstable), Robert about 1683, Thomas 1716, John 1739, Captain 1784 and Joseph 1816. The first four were baptized in Chipstable. Captain Stone, though still part of the Chipstable family, was baptized in neighboring Wiveliscombe, and Joseph was baptized in Bramfield, Hertfordshire after Captain and his family moved to the Marden Hill estate to serve as Steward of the Farm for the Flower family. Richard Flower was a successful English brewer (the Flower Brewery is still in existence today) of Hertford, three miles east of Marden Hill. In 1818 Captain Stone immigrated to Albion, Edwards County, Illinois with the Flowers.  Captain died about 1821 in Albion, but his son Joseph married twice, first to Eliza Jane Bonner in Albion and later to Jane Cortrecht. Joseph and Eliza’s first son was James Scott Stone who married Elizabeth Sarah Hocking of a family that immigrated to Edwards County from Cornwall. The Stones and Hockings and many relatives lived in Bone Gap, IL, north of Albion. James Scott Stone’s eldest son was John Charles Stone, born in Bone Gap in 1867, an eminent author of mathematics text books, who married Gertrude Walser of West Salem, Illinois, adjacent to Bone Gap. John is on page 8 of the descendants chart.  The only son of John Charles Stone and Gertrude Walser was John Sydney Stone, who married Mary Quarters Rhodes in Paris in June 1926. His daughter Lucile married Walter Barry Mallon.

Richard Stone’s second family were born almost forty years after his first. Richard married Eleanor Slocombe (1620 – 1673) in 1639, and they had a son Richard 1640 and a daughter Hanna 1647, both baptized in Clayhanger. Hanna married John Burge and they had three surviving children. Richard 1640 of Clayhanger and his wife Thomazine Waldron of Ashbrittle had five children: Thomazine, William, Robert, Johan (died young) and Grace. After starting their married life in Clayhanger, they moved to neighboring Ashbrittle, in Somerset. Richard died before 1680 and Thomazine in 1684, very short lives compared to Richard’s older nephew Richard Stone 1640 (of Chipstable) of the first line of descent, who lived until 1734! Richard and Thomazine’s second son Robert Stone married Elizabeth Hill in neighboring Stawley, Somerset in 1705 and they acquired the Venn Farm in neighboring Chipstable that had been leased by the Stone family from the Bluett family since 1602 or earlier. Robert and Elizabeth began a line of descent that included descendants who immigrated to Australia and New Zealand in the 1830s. Robert’s great, great, great grandson Charles Burrell Stone was the first white child born in Auckland, New Zealand, in 1841. He was Commodore of the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron in 1887. The RNZYS held the America’s Cup from 1995 to 2003.

Note: November 2016. Changes in text and charts are being made to reflect the discovery of Eleanor Slocombe as Richard’s second wife.

Three new charts are being added to the site on December 23, 2013. First is a view of the two marriages and families of Richard Stone 1579, common ancestor to the Stones of Chipstable, Asbrittle, Clayhanger and Wiveliscombe, etc. Four generations are shown . From the first family, Captain Stone 1784 emigrated from England to Illinois and created what I call the “US line” of the Stone family. From the second family, Robert Stone 1789 (son of another Captain Stone, born 1756) emigrated to Tasmania, Melbourne and New Zealand. Robert 1789 created what I call the “AUS-NZ line” of the Stone family. Most of the descendants from both marriages probably continue to reside in Great Britain, and most likely additional families who descend from Richard Stone 1579 also emigrated from England, but I do not yet know those details. The name “Captain” in both instances was a baptismal or given name, not a title.

The second chart (updated November 2015) is a ten generation descendants chart for Richard Stone’s first marriage. The name of his first wife remains unknown. Captain Stone 1784 will be found on page thirteen of the chart. Note that an alphabetical list of surnames can be found at the end of the chart. If you find a surname of interest within this index and would like to learn more about what we have on that individual, provide a comment to this website describing your interest and we will see what we have and get back to you.

The third chart (updated November 2016) is a ten generation descendants chart for Richard Stone’s  2nd marriage. His second wife’s name was Eleanor Slocombe who was christened in Milverton, Somerset in 1619.  When she married Richard in 1639 she was about nineteen and he was sixty or more!  Robert Stone 1789 who emigrated to Tasmania in 1833, and his father Captain Stone and his son Captain James Stone, can be found on page 2 of this chart.


The following chart displays five generations of the ancestors of John Charles Stone.

Stone, John Charles, Ancestors 5 Generations

John Charles Stone’s wife was Gertrude Walser. The following chart displays her ancestors.

Walser, Gertrude Lucile, Ancestors 5 Generations






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    I’ really excited with your work on this family and this website, its all looking very good. I’m looking forward to you posting your references and citations, so that I follow through to possible links to my family Stone

  3. Bob

    I’ really excited with your work on this family and this website, its all looking very good. I’m looking forward to you posting your references and citations, so that I follow through to possible links to my family Stone. What program are you using to record and create your family tree?

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