Stone Family Tree discrepancies on FTs

A number of family trees on deal with the Stone families of Somerset and Devon, England. Two in particular contain incorrect ancestry for Robert Stone and his wife Elizabeth Hill, some of whose descendants immigrated to Tasmania, Melbourne and New Zealand. I note the discrepancy in the Sullivan Tilley FT and the Stone NZ FT. Robert Stone’s birth is estimated at 1676 in these trees but was probably closer to 1665 – 1670. There is abundant documentation on Robert Stone’s life on this website. I recommend viewing the Stone descendants chart and especially the Cheffins Auction documents. There are many documents regarding the history of this family. Also look at the Wills and Indentures on this website for more documents about the Stone family. The AUS and NZ Stones do not connect to the Stones of Yarcombe, Devon. The common ancestor of all of these Stones was Richard Stone ca 1579 of Clayhanger, Devon. Please leave comments on this site if you wish more information or would like to discuss further.

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  1. Your website has been so helpful! I am in Melbourne, Australia and am one of the great granddaughters of Caroline Stone, daughter of Methodist Minister Charles Stone, son of Robert Stone who emigrated to Tasmania, Australia. My grandfather wrote a lot of stories about the various branches which I am editing with my aunt, and I just started a tree on ancestry, so it was very helpful to understand the discrepancies, and I hope I’ve got it right!
    Wendy Little (we3144)

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